Monday, February 14, 2011

Rose Challenge by Sheri Jones

Rose Challenge by Sheri Jones
7 x 5 oil on canvas
In honor of Valentine's Day Qiang Huang posted a challenge on Daily Paint Works to paint a rose. This is the second challenge I have taken. He makes painting a rose look easy and I wanted to give it a try. They are not that easy.   This painting is available for purchase. $75.00
Happy Valentine's Day!


Linda Popple said...

Beautifully painted, Sheri! I haven't gathered enough nerve to even try this challenge. I know ..... I'm chicken!

Douglas Clark said...

Colors are very nice on this one.

Jill Hailey Randall said...

I like the way you painter the rose to fill the space. Great brush strokes and use of color.

David Schulze said...

I admire the depth you achieved - good work.

LindaHunt said...

Very nice...interesting and exciting use of color and brush!