Sunday, March 20, 2011

Springtime Stroll by Sheri Jones

Springtime Stroll by Sheri Jones
12 x 9 oil on canvas
This painting was inspired by a small study I created in the Ft. Worth Botanical Garden. I took a photo of the scene for use in the studio later. The two young ladys were strolling through about that time. 

 The weather here has been nice and warm with temperatures in the 80's. That is going to make the flowers pop.
This painting is available for purchase. $125.00

*** Upcoming Art Show

Southwestern Adventist University is pleased to invite you to:
Western Landscapes and Wildlife:
Color, Light, Shapes
Artwork by Sheri Jones and Doug Clark
Opening Reception and Artist Talk

March 24, 6-8pm
Gallery Open
March 24-30, 2011, 1-8pm

Meadows Gallery
101 W Magnolia
Keene, TX 76059


Douglas Clark said...

I really like how you handled the people in this painting, and the way the path leads the viewer into the painting.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Wonderful painting, great composition and color.