Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paluxy Color by Sheri Jones

Paluxy Color
7x14 oil on canvas
I painted this in Glen Rose during the Outdoor Painter's Society gathering.  This was a spot on the Paluxy River behind the Bernard Mill Museum. It provided great color and attracted many of us.  I painted here with Doug Clark, Joyce Thomas, Sabine Higgins, Olivette Hubler, Cecilia Robertson,  DeBob Jacob, Carolyn Cobb and Christy Tidwell.  It is fun to paint and talk art with friends.
I painted this with a palette knife and lots of colorful paint. This is available for purchase. $125.00


Douglas Clark said...

I really like this it looks like a beautiful fall day.

Susan Roux said...

A beautiful tribute to fall!

Ann Rogers said...

Beautiful color and knife work, Sheri. I'm impressed that you found a little water in what seemed to be a dried up river bed!