Friday, August 31, 2012

Sun Streaks by Sheri Jones

Sun Streaks by Sheri Jones
11x14 oil on canvas
I loved all the color the sun creates in the late afternoon. The sun cast a golden color on the grass and I couldn't resist painting it. This is available for purchase. $300

Palette Knife Workshop
Dutch Art Gallery
October 20, 2012
 Contact Pam Massar at Dutch Art Gallery to register at 214-348-7350.
Come Join me 

In this workshop we will explore the use of a palette knife when developing a landscape painting. I will guide each student in developing his or her own unique interpretation of nature. The goal is to learn how to edit the scene and grasp the essentials. We will focus on how to simplify the painting process by building forms with value while observing how to use color to affect intensity and contrast. Emphasis will be on learning to organize light and dark patterns and to see the landscape less literally and more as an exciting arrangement of shapes and colors. You will be encouraged to show excitement and emotions to bring your painting alive. Express yourself in a bold and colorful way. Sheri will share her insight into the way in which she interprets the Texas landscape. We will be painting from photographs of scenes from her plein air experiences. There will be demonstrations and plenty of individual attention.
Beginner to advanced-Class size limited to 10 student


Jill Hailey Randall said...

Sure like the way the sun comes through the many trees. Good distance looking through the trees.
Lovely summer colors.

Jill Hailey Randall said...

Sure like the way the sun comes through the many trees. Lovely summer colors and good distance through the layers of trees.