Wednesday, October 22, 2008

11 x 14 Canvas on board - Oil

I painted this in my studio in September. I like to start a painting and finish it in one setting. I loved all the bright colors I found in these gift bags and candy filled tops.

These are some of the lampwork beads I make.

Each of the focal and accent beads are hand made using an open flame. This process is known as lampworking. I use a mix of propane and oxygen as the fuel to spark my flame. Melted glass is wrapped around a metal rod to create a bead. Additional colors of glass, metal and stones are added for accents. Each bead is then placed in a kiln for 12 hours to cool

Painted in the studio September, 2008.

11 x 14 canvas on board Oil

I painted this from a photograph I took during the Harvest Moon festival in Granbury. We were painting outside the restaurant and this gentleman offered us fresh coffee. He let us come in the restaurant before it opened to take pictures. The light was shining in the window he was facing. I liked the design and the warm color of the room.