Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Market

8 x 10 oil on canvas board


Painted during the Ellis County Art Association Paint Out in Waxahachie. We had 90 minutes to create a painting. It was up for auction still dripping wet. This kicked off a 10 day painting event with an awards reception on Friday, June 5th. Art Exhibit and sale June 6 th - June 7th 10 - 6 Chautauqua Auditorium at Getzendaner Park, Waxachacie, Texas.

Sheri on Granbury Historic Square.
This was over the Memorial Day weekend. It was a great event sponsored by the Lake Granbury Art Association.

Sledgeloop Flowers

Oil on Canvas board

11 x 14


I painted in this location as long as the wild flowers bloomed. It was a great spot and the flowers were thick. It is an inspiring location and I am so glad I had the opportunity to return often.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sledgeloop Wildflowers

11 x 14 Oil on canvas board


Painted May 9, 2009

This is from a great day painting with friends in the Wheatland area.

Indian Blankets
9x12 oil on board
Painted May 8, 2009
This is from another great day in the Wheatland area.

Wheatland Wildflowers

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas

painted May 9, 2009


The day I painted this it was a cloudy cool day which was rather nice. The rainy weather seems to prolong the life of the wildflowers. This is a real find for an outdoor painter.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Morning ride

24 x 30 Oil on canvas

I painted a smaller version of this and liked it enough to enlarge it. I bought two really big brushes to apply the paint like I did on the smaller one. Quick, thick strokes. I photographed this father taking his young son on a morning ride.

This painting is for sale thru Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Wildflowers in Whiskey Flats

9x12 oil on canvas board


Painted May 2, 2009

Early morning, clouds heavy with threats of rain. Great day!

Spring Hillside

9x12 Oil on canvas


Painted May 2, 2009.

We often try to get up early and be on site just as the sun rises. It was a cloudy day and that makes the colors pop. We were happy it never rained while we painted.

Bluebonnets and primrose


Oil on canvas

Painted May 2, 2009


This was painted on site on a road I discovered one day on our way to work. I could see the wildflowers from the main road and was so happy we drove down it. I have returned several times and painted there.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crabapple Road River

9 x 12 oil on canvas


I painted this outside Fredricksburg off Crabapple road. It was an extremly windy day, but sunny and beautiful. There were times my brushes were flying into my paint and my pallet threatened to blow over. I didn't care I was still outside creating and it was fun.

Water Lillies

9 x 12

Oil on canvas board


I painted this April 24th at the Wildseed farm in Fredricksburg, Texas. A group from the Outdoors Painters society gathered there painting the landscapes of the area. This was by far the most colorful spot we found. They just didn't get the rain when the wildflowers needed it the most and the bluebonnets were not out. It was still a great trip and good to see so many artist out painting.

Golden Grasses

9 x 12 oil on canvas board


I painted this out at Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose April 4, 2009. We arrived right as the sun was coming up. This was my second painting that day and I was in a hurry to capture that golden light as the sun quickly rose.

Mountain Lake

9 x 12 oil on canvas board


This was created out at Mountain Lakes in Bluff Dale on a warm day in February. I added highlights to the tree recently and liked it much more. This was painted with a pallet knife and has lots of paint on the canvas. It is always so enjoyable to paint on site and outside.