Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tandy Hills

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas

This was painted at Tandy Hills during the Prairie Fest. The sun was high in the sky and wind was gusty. But what a great day we had. I want to thank everyone that stopped by to see me. I appreciate you coming out.

Wildflower Path
8 x 10 Oil on canvas
I painted this at the Prairie Fest in Ft. Worth. I arrived early in the day and the sun struggled to show. It sprinkled while I painted this, but never rained. I was having so much fun I think I would have painted in the rain.

Distant Hill

10 x 8 oil on canvas


I painted this at the Prairie Fest in Ft. Worth this Saturday.

Artist were invited to attend this festival and paint the beautiful park at Tandy Hills. There were two auctions held and this painting went home with happy new owner.

Whiskey Flat Hill

9 x 12 Oil on canvas board


I rose early one Saturday morning to make it to this spot as the sun came up. It was high on a hill with great distance and many wonderful wildflowers.

Meri's Yard

10 x 8 Oil on Canvas board


I painted this Easter at my sister Meri's house. It was a beautiful spring day. I could not resist bringing my paints when I heard she had bluebonnets growing. They are slim pickins this year.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Passion Flower

8 x 10 oil on canvas


I plucked this flower from the vine and brought it in to set up in a still life. I layed it on my table top and was struck by the reflective image and left it there.

Left Behind
11x14 oil on Canvas board
I painted this in the studio from a photo I took at a farm on Peak Road in Granbury. We were down the road painting and a man and woman saw us. She dropped him off at the house and came back to invite us to her place to paint. They were mowing the old family farm. She told us stories of her grandmother's farm and all the fun they had there. It was a beautiful place and somewhere we will return to.