Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mountain Lake Sunset
24 x 30
Oil on Gallery Wrapped canvas.
I created this from a 5 x 7 study I painted in the field at a rural residential area in Bluff Dale.

8 x 16
Oil on canvas board
I painted this during the Last Friday Gallery Night in Granbury recently. I participated by painting at Pamela and Company on the Historic Square promoting the event.

My Red Vase
11 x 14 Oil on Canvas
I love the light shining thru the cut outs in the bowl, reflecting light on the vase.
Redvase and Sunflowers
$ 150.00
Oil on Canvas

This is a still life I set up using the last of my sunflowers from the garden.

Yellow Vase and Cherries
Oil on canvas
This was a set up using new lighting techniques I learned in a workshop recently.
The sunflowers were from my garden.

Bowl of Peaches
8x16 oil on canvas board
This is a bowl I received at a fund raiser called Empty Bowls benefiting the Food Bank in Ft. Worth. Students create and donate hundreds of hand made bowls you get to select from.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trumpet vine

10 x10 oil on canvas

This was completed at a three day workshop with Qiang Huang. I learned a lot about dramatic lighting and setting up a still life. Look for new work with influences from him. He is part of the Daily painter movement, posting a painting a day. He works a full time job and manages to paint at night. Amazing.


Oil on canvas

9 x 12

A painting done during the workshop with Qiang Huang in Granbury this past August.

Lemons and an Orange
5 x 7 oil on canvas
I painted this during a workshop with Qiang Huang in Granbury this past August. It was at The Iron Horse bed and breakfast. This is a great old home with a workshop out back.