Sunday, January 25, 2009


10 x 8

Painted 1/25/09

I set this still life up today in my studio and had a grand time.

Wine Bottle
9 x 7
This is a smaller version and more finished piece I did to prepare for the workshop.

Participants paintings

These are the results of our workshop held in my studio.

Jill Randall and I co-taught this day long class. We had a great time and think the students did an excellent job.

Thanks for attending Pam, Patti, Meri, Jean, Mandy and Beth.

A special thanks to Sammi and Avery for couch setting and taking photos.

Demo during workshop

Jan 24, 2009

8 x10

I painted this during a workshop at my studio. Participants painted along with me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Telluride River
11 x 14 oil Canvas on board
I painted this at a workshop with Kay Franklin in Wichita Falls recently. I love the opportunity to learn different techniques and new ways of applying paint.


8 x10 oil canvas on board

I brought this home for dinner and was drawn to the overall color and swirl of the sushi. I took a photo and carried on with the reason it came home. Yum yum

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

11 x 14 Oil canvas on board

This was a Dad taking a young boy for a motorcycle ride on a country road. I painted it at the art show at Celebration Hall early December.

Sheri's Winning Tree

Made with glass beads

1st place

Sammi's Silver Tree

Patti's Button Tree

Mandy's Manger Tree
and Amy's Sequin Tree

Pam's Fresh Rosemary Tree

Betty's Edible Tree

Bill's Beer Cap Tree

An Entry from our Holiday Contest:
Meri's Coffee Bean Tree-Won Most Creative