Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Peppers" Demonstration By Sheri Jones

I'm getting closer, but will keep working.

More work on the defining the platter and developing the peppers.

I start in on the peppers and platter working quickly.

I start adding color quickly blocking the green pepper in and the green cloth.

I use a thin wash of Alizaran Crimson and mineral spirits to tone the canvas. I then used a mix of the Alizaran Crimson and Ultramarine Blue and start the drawing and laying in my darks.

"Peppers" Demonstration by Sheri Jones
This is a photo of my inspiration for "Peppers". I painted this in the studio from a set up positioned on a low table. I had an overview of the arrangement.


Douglas Clark said...

Very cool. Like how you photographed it in stages.

Jill Hailey Randall said...

A very informative visual on how a painting progresses. The finished painting is so painterly, full of color and movement.